Use WeFollow to Find Backlink Leads

There are a lot of people on Twitter, and there remains a steady buzz and interest in the social networking site and its connection capability. But besides enabling you to connect with customers and potential customers, you can use Twitter to build backlinks.

Building backlinks is crucial to growing your online business and making it a success. We’ve talked about how the more diverse your backlink sources are, the more weight search engines give them. In order to keep your sources diverse while you add backlinks, you need to find new people in your niche that would link to you and are influential.

This is where Twitter and WeFollow come in. WeFollow is a website that is a Twitter directory of sorts.

You can search by keyword and find Twitters who have identified themselves as connected with the query. For example, here’s what a search for ‘exercise’ turned up:

Now you have a list of people who are tweeting in your niche, and a count of their followers, including a breakdown of how many are new, so you can see whether their influence is growing or has reached a plateau.

WeFollow gives you a good list of leads people you should start building relationships with to increase your backlinks. You can start by following them, and check out their websites. Reach out to them; let them know if you like their content, or if you retweet their tweets. Once you’ve established more of a connection or pattern of communication, you can request a backlink.

Don’t just go for the clear leaders, those with the most followers. You might find that it’s harder to get a backlink from those with millions of followers, than someone who has just thousands. Authority sites are great, but diverse sources provide power for your optimization efforts as well.

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3 thoughts on “Use WeFollow to Find Backlink Leads

  1. Tom


    This is actually ridiculously helpful. I know social media is given much more weight in rankings lately, especially from Twitter and Facebook. But, not being an active Twitter user (I’m only up to 1,700ish followers), I have to admit I haven’t really found a solid way of doing what you’re describing here.

    I like it! I’m on WeFollow too, but haven’t used it for some reason. Looks like I’m going to be diving into social media a little more heavily now :) (I haven’t had a problem with traffic generation before, but this opens up some doorways. I hope people use this info..)

    Thanks again,

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