How to Blog via Email

If you’ve been thinking of setting up a new blog site, a second site, or just looking for a way to making updating your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or Tumblr site more efficient, you have to check out Posterous.

The publishing platform is just over two years old, free to use (you can pay for upgrades) and shocking simple. You send an email, Posterous does all the work.

Blog by Email

It’s a hands-free site – you just email your first post to and they set up a site for you, send you a confirmation email and you register – selecting and perfecting your domain name and choosing your privacy settings and linking your new site to your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts, as well as your Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Typepad, WordPress, or Xanga accounts.

That way you can immediately inform your friends and contacts about your new Posterous site, and also set up Autopost.

Posterous offers Autopost as a way for you to update your social media sites and pages as a group. Just send the photo, message, or post to Posterous, and they’ll upload the photos where you tell them to, update your status, and post your latest blog entry.

Media Matters

Anytime you want to add something new to your site (or social media pages) just email. Posterous can handle photos (jpg, png and gif) audio (mp3) video (avi, mpg) and media links. If you take a picture with your camera on your smart phone, you can email it to Posterous and they’ll post it up – resized to web-friendly size. They’ll also create a sleek image gallery if you post more than one picture.
They’ll drop any mp3 files into a music player so your users can check out the tunes, and they’ll embed the video for you into a flash player – unless it’s viewed via an iPhone in which case they set it to play without flash.

They’ll turn URLs into links, but if it’s a YouTube link, they’ll embed the video. They’ll also embed players automatically for Google Video, Hulu, Funny or Die, Fliggo,, and Brightcove (who we just talked about) among others.

Easy Does It

Posterous makes it literally as easy as sending an email to set up a site and share information, media and start marketing. But like any new tool, you should take your time with it to read the instructions, the user tips and see how best it can serve you.

We’ll share some ideas on how to use Posterous to your advantage over the coming week, so you can get a sense of how you can really use the platform to launch yourself and your products.

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